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Developments that create strong and successful communities.

Breathing life into a new development.

Public and private spaces associated with development and redevelopment serve many important purposes.  Plazas and amenity spaces bring people together and can be the bustling social hub - or the quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. The streets within or surrounding a development serve as public spaces as well.  They are the seam that connects the new development to the fabric of the surrounding community.  When properly designed, streets, plazas and amenity spaces are a win-win for the development and the community that they are within.

Through modernizing a space's capacity for amenities and programming, we encourage people to stop and smell the roses. Whether it's frequenting local businesses, enjoying a quiet moment alone or sitting with a friend for coffee, our designs foster social interaction, resilience  and vitality. 

What We Do To Redesign

 Open Space & Plazas
 Rooftop Amenities & Courtyards
 Streetscape & Connectivity
 Green Infrastructure & Green Roof


Wellmont Arts Plaza

Wellmont Arts Plaza: Plaza Design


Verona Park

Verona Park: Playground Design

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