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Peeking Into The Future of Union Center's Stuyvesant Avenue Streetscape

June 12, 2017

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“Arterial provided “high-design” services on a budget we could afford - and did so in a manner that aligned perfectly with the ... objectives of our Greater Spruce Street Neighborhood Plan.”

Michael L. Powell

Vice President, NJ Community Development Corp. Paterson, NJ

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The Township of Millburn has undertaken a complete streets initiative to better balance the needs of all users of their downtown. Currently, the downtown is hindered by congestion and is a dangerous place for pedestrians as evidenced by the high volume of crashes. 

Arterial teamed with Sam Schwartz to initiate a comprehensive study of the entire downtown which included a detailed transportation and urban design analysis. From this analysis, a number of streetscape and traffic calming design features were recommended. These recommendations were communicated extensively to the public through a series of community meetings. These features included narrowed travel lanes, reduction in the number of travel lanes, intersection bump-outs, mid-block crosswalks, traffic signal coordination, parking lot access and identification improvements, reverse angle parking, stormwater planters and significant improvements to the pedestrian amenities throughout the downtown. 

Millburn, New Jersey


Township of Millburn

Design Team

Sam Schwartz Engineering


Key Staff

David Lustberg, Principal in Charge

James Ribaudo, Project Manager


Construction Cost

$8.5 Million


Project Status

Under Construction


Total Project Size




​1. Community Outreach
2. Urban Design & Landscape

3. Architecture Traffic Engineering

4. Transportation Planning Construction 5. Documentation
6. Construction Observation

Millburn Complete Streets Initiative

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