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Peeking Into The Future of Union Center's Stuyvesant Avenue Streetscape

June 12, 2017

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“Arterial provided “high-design” services on a budget we could afford - and did so in a manner that aligned perfectly with the ... objectives of our Greater Spruce Street Neighborhood Plan.”

Michael L. Powell

Vice President, NJ Community Development Corp. Paterson, NJ

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Sam Schwartz Engineering

City of Newark


Key Staff

David Lustberg, Principal in Charge

James Ribaudo, Project Manager


Construction Cost



Project Status

Construction Complete


Total Project Size

5 City blocks



1. Community Engagement

2. Visioning & Concept Plan

3. Schematic Design

4. Construction Documentation

Located adjacent to Branch Brook Park and the historic “Forest Hill” neighborhood, Mt. Prospect Avenue is a broad, picturesque boulevard lined with what remains of the large oak trees that once completely enclosed the street. While residents enjoy the grand character of the street, its width has encouraged excessive speeding, unsafe driving and illegal double parking leading to an unsafe and unfriendly pedestrian environment.


Arterial, as a sub-consultant to Sam Schwartz Engineering, led the Community Outreach, Concept Development, Schematic Design and Agency Coordination process. The main feature of the design is the ‘protected bicycle lanes’ that will be located on both sides of the street and will link this neighborhood into Branch Brook Park and the Newark Greenway system. The first of its kind in Newark, implementing this type of bicycle facility required an extensive agency coordination and education process that included City Planning, Engineering, Neighborhood Services, Emergency Services and the local Special Improvement District (SID) among others. Other improvements include new sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting, signage and a unique “Cherry Blossom” gateway median to celebrate this neighborhood's new connection to Branch Brook Park.

Newark, New Jersey

Mt. Prospect Ave. Complete Street

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