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Peeking Into The Future of Union Center's Stuyvesant Avenue Streetscape

June 12, 2017

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“Arterial provided “high-design” services on a budget we could afford - and did so in a manner that aligned perfectly with the ... objectives of our Greater Spruce Street Neighborhood Plan.”

Michael L. Powell

Vice President, NJ Community Development Corp. Paterson, NJ

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Town of Morristown


Key Staff

David Lustberg, LLA, PP

James Ribaudo

Chris Townley


Construction Cost



Project Status

Capital Improvements Plan Complete


Total Project Size

5 blocks



1. Community Outreach

2. Concept Design

3. Capital Improvements Planning

The historic Washington Avenue area is a vibrant residential neighborhood located in Morristown, NJ.  Washington Avenue is the primary neighborhood street used to access the community.  However, its location also makes it ideal for commuters looking for the quickest way to get into and out of town. Because of this, there are high volumes of cars and trucks speeding through the neighborhood during rush hour making it unsafe for families and children that live in this area.

Arterial was commissioned by the Town of Morristown to work with the residents of the community and develop a series of traffic calming improvements that would help slow this traffic while maintaining the stately, historic character of the neighborhood.  The first step that the plan recommends is to create a sense of place and make drivers aware that they are entering a residential neighborhood.  This is accomplished by implementing gateways at either end.  Next, “chokers” or “curb bump-outs” will be installed at several midblock locations to visually narrow the roadway.  And finally, a neighborhood roundabout will be installed at the center of the block.  This roundabout will not only calm traffic, but it will become an iconic element within the neighborhood.

Morristown, New Jersey

Washington Avenue Traffic Calming

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