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Bound Brook: Pedestrian & Bicyclist Planning

Key Stats


North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA)


Bound Brook, NJ

Key Staff

David Lustberg, Principal in Charge
James Ribaudo, Project Manager

Design Team


Project Status

Completed 2013

Total Project Size

2 Acres

Construction Cost



Data Collection & Analysis, Feasibility Study, Implementation Strategy

Point of Contact

Megan E. Kelly, Principal Planner, 973.639.8414,


The North Jersey Transportation & Planning Authority (NJTPA) commissioned a study with the Borough of Bound Brook to reconnect the downtown to the Raritan River. This plan needed to embody the vision and goals of the recently completed Urban Design Plan while respecting the present context, goals and means of the Borough of Bound Brook.

Arterial began with an in-depth data collection and analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) throughout the downtown and riverfront area. The SWOT analysis served as a guide in identifying safe and efficient bicycle and pedestrian access from downtown to the waterfront along with connections to several regional trail systems. Much attention was paid to existing conditions, safe rail crossings and use of railroad R.O.W.s, permitting and regulations, property ownership and other ‘red flags’ that could deter implementation. The resulting implementation strategy outlines a clear and realistic framework plan for reconnecting downtown Bound Brook to the Raritan River.

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