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Redevelop | Mixed-use Development

Development that creates strong and
successful communities.

We think that all development can be a win-win.

The public and private spaces associated with new development and redevelopment serve many important purposes.  Plazas and amenity spaces bring people together and can be the bustling social hub or the quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown. The streets lining the development are the seams that connect the new development to the fabric of the surrounding community.  When properly designed, streets, plazas and amenity spaces are a win-win for the development and the surrounding community.

We consider all aspects of the development in order to create spaces that meet the budgetary goals of the development while maximizing benefit to the new residents and the existing community.  We believe that walkable, sustainable and socially vibrant spaces are key to successful development.

What We Do To Redevelop

 Open space + Plazas
 Rooftop Amenities & Courtyards
✓ Streetscape & Connectivity
 Green Infrastructure + Green roof


Learn more about us and the work we have done to bring value to new developments and enhance the cities and towns they are within.

Wellmont Plaza - Seymour Street Arts District, Two South Willow


Two South Willow

Two South Willow: Mixed-use Development


7Seventy House

7Seventy House: Mixed-use Development

7Seventy House, Hoboken, Redevelopment
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