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Revitalize | High Performance Streets

Where art meets psychology, meets math,

meets science.

When you walk down a street and you feel like it was made just for you.

High Performance Streets are Streets That Do More .  We optimize this important public space by studying your community's culture, land-use, traffic patterns, ecology and more.  And then we work with you to develop a plan and implementation strategy that celebrates these unique qualities.  We're with you from the first spark of an idea to the ribbon cutting ceremony.

What We Do To Revitalize

Complete Streets
Green Streets
 Traffic Calming
 Bicycle Facilities Planning and Design
Streetscape Design 
Shade Tree Master Plan
Place Branding & Wayfinding 

Streets That Do More .

Designing places that people enjoy is a complex proposition. Oftentimes there are a number of different goals and objectives, stakeholders and uses. For this reason, we utilize an Integrated Design Process (IDP) as the foundation of our design approach. This process engages all stakeholders and professionals early and often in the design process and increases the likelihood of successful implementation while ensuring the development of “High Performance” Streets and Spaces that seamlessly integrate:

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Art & Culture

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Health & the Environment

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Economic Vitality

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Design Quality

Our Three-Step High Performance Streets Process

 We don't like plans or reports that sit on the shelf.  Our three-step process breaks down complex, multi-stakeholder corridor revitalization projects into a clear roadmap towards tangible results.  We'll be with you from the first visioning meeting until the last tree is planted and the sidewalk is swept.  

Streets That Do More ™ Tips

Tips to take your downtown to the next level

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Our popular Street Design tips loaded with technical knowledge - ready to be downloaded and used anywhere!

Ready to transform your streets?
Millburn Main St - Streeteries, outoor dinning


Millburn Complete Streets Initiative

Millburn: Complete Streets Initiative


South Park Complete Street

South Park Street: Complete Street Design

South Park St, Montclair, outdoor dining, curb extension
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