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Reposition | Office Park & Mall Repositioning

From obsolete to complete

We don't like to see things just sit around.

Office park and mall vacancy rates continue to increase steadily as a market shift has consumers and members of the workforce choosing the urban experience over suburban convenience. So we’re doing something about it.  

We take old commercial properties and maximize the spaces between the buildings. We design spaces where people can soak up some sun instead of the fluorescent lights in the break room. Whether this includes picturesque walking trails or outdoor co-working, these mixed-use spaces change a normal 9 to 5 into a stimulating, healthy and fun experience.

What We Do To Reposition

 Office Park Design & Repositioning
 Malls to Mixed-Use
 Lifestyle Center Design

Four Principles

We approach each property differently, as none are exactly alike. But we have found that the most successful modern malls and office parks integrate the following four elements: 

Connell Corporate Park, The Park at Berkeley Height


Connell Park

Connell Park: Site Repositioning


7th & Jackson Resiliency Park

7th & Jackson Resiliency Park: Park & Plaza Redesign

7th and Jackson Street, Hoboken
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