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Reconnect | Trails & Greenways

We make the journey the destination

We think getting from point A to point B should be more than that. 

It should be an engaging experience. Through thoughtful design of inviting outdoor paths, greenways and trails, we enhance an environment while retaining its culture.

We're always zeroed in on the pedestrian experience. We consider things like how pedestrians navigate through a space and what signage they experience along the way. It's important to us that we redefine these environments from simply being a place to walk or ride bicycles, to a destination to experience. 

What We Do To Reconnect

 Trail & Greenway Master Planning
 Design Guidelines
 Implementation Strategy
 Place Branding & Wayfinding
Morris Canal Greenway Design Guidelines


Morris Canal

Morris Canal: Greenway Design Guidelines


Connect Hanover

Connect Hanover: Wayfinding and Branding

Connect Hanover bike lane
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