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7th & Jackson Resiliency Park

The Space Between the Buildings

We're a Street Design studio but our skills reach further than that. 

We offer full-service solutions. We operate in both the public and private sector and will join a project mid-construction or be there for the kickoff. No matter what, we're ready to work with you to meet your goals and create a captivating and unique pedestrian experience.

Revitalize - Arterial
Revitalize | High Performance Streets

We plan, design, and implement expertly-crafted Streets That Do More.

Reposition - Arterial
Reposition | Office Park & Mall Repositioning

We help property owners reposition obsolete office parks and shopping malls by maximizing the benefit of the spaces "between the buildings". 

Redesign - Arterial
Redesign I Parks & Plazas

We work with communities, property owners and municipalities to create spaces that encourage social interaction, economic vitality and resilience.

Redevelop | Mixed-use Developments

We collaborate with developers, architects and engineers to create vibrant developments that are a win-win.

Reconnect - Arterial
Reconnect I Trails & Greenways 

We design bicycle and pedestrian networks that connect people to places, culture, the environment and to one another. 

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