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Redesign | Parks & Plazas

Spaces that make you stop and smell the roses

We bring out a space's best qualities.

Well-designed public spaces make people want to stay longer.  When people spend more time in public or semi-public spaces, it spurs community interaction, sociability and economic vitality.  These three characteristics are essential to a healthy community.

Through modernizing a space's capacity for amenities and programming, we encourage people to stop and smell the roses. Whether it's frequenting local businesses, enjoying a quiet moment alone or sitting with a friend for coffee, our designs foster social interaction, resilience  and vitality. 

What We Do To Redesign

 Parks & Plazas
 Rooftop Amenities
Wellmont Plaza - Seymour Street Arts District


Wellmont Arts Plaza

Wellmont Arts Plaza: Plaza Design


Verona Park

Verona Park: Playground Design

Verona Park Playground
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