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Littleton Avenue: CPTED Improvement Plan

Key Stats


Urban League of Essex County


Newark, NJ

Key Staff

David Lustberg, Principal in Charge
James Ribaudo, Project Manager

Design Team


Project Status

Completed November 2013

Total Project Size

5 City Blocks

Construction Cost



Inventory & Analysis, CPTED Analysis, Visioning and Concept Design, Implementation Strategy

Point of Contact

​Vivian Cox Fraser, President & CEO, Urban League of Essex County, 973.624.9535


The Urban League of Essex County (ULEC) has been actively
engaged in the physical and social development of the Fairmount Neighborhood. In accordance with their vision for the neighborhood, ULEC has chosen the Littleton Avenue corridor for a series of improvements that will continue to support efforts to revitalize this community through physical and social design.

Arterial utilized “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” (CPTED) principles to complete a thorough analysis that would guide both the vision and implementation of future improvements. A ‘Corridor Improvement Plan’ was developed to identify a phasing strategy and address easily implementable solutions along with longer-term improvements.

These recommendations were grouped in the following categories: Landscape Improvements, Community Building, Streetscape Improvements and Operations & Maintenance. These improvements build upon the four CPTED principles and begin to create a framework upon which the revitalization of this community can be founded.

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