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Newark: Wayfinding

Key Stats


Newark Downtown District


Newark, NJ

Key Staff

David Lustberg, Principal in Charge
James Ribaudo, Project Manager

Design Team


Project Status

Completed 2012

Total Project Size

+/- 120 Signs (two-sided)

Construction Cost



Sign System Design and Planning, Sign Location Development, Construction Documentation, Bid Assistance, Construction Observation

Point of Contact

Contact Jack M. Nata, Manager - Division of Traffic & Signals, 973.733.3985,


The Newark Downtown District was spearheading a comprehensive capital improvements and revitalization project in Newark, NJ. The successes of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the Prudential Center Arena had brought many new visitors to Newark and greatly increased pedestrian traffic. To capitalize on this new pedestrian activity and encourage visitors to explore the downtown, the NDD determined that a comprehensive pedestrian wayfinding system was essential. Upon completion of the system for a portion of downtown, the City of Newark decided to expand the system to encompass the entire downtown.

David Lustberg was the principal in charge for the design and development of the pedestrian wayfinding system. Working directly with the city engineer and stakeholders, key destinations were determined. Primary and secondary pedestrian routes were mapped and analyzed to determine sign locations. Finally, field tests were done to determine the appropriate sign height, locations and font sizes, and ensure visibility. Once completed, David developed a complete bid package including graphic specifications, construction details, assembly diagrams and sign contents for over 150 signs.

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