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Ventnor: Street Design

Key Stats


Ventnor City


Ventnor City, NJ

Key Staff

David Lustberg, Principal in Charge
James Ribaudo, Project Manager

Design Team

Arterial, Marathon Engineering

Project Status

Completed 2019

Total Project Size

Three City Blocks

Construction Cost



Concept Design, Community/Stakeholder Outreach, Construction Documentation

Point of Contact

Lance Landgraf, Commissioner, 973.823.7900,


The City of Ventnor has a rich and diverse heritage. As a family-friendly and ecologically rich community, Ventnor City provides its residents and visitors with a high quality of life in a laid-back beach environment. The city has long recognized the importance of creating safe and pedestrian-friendly streets. This has led to many initiatives ranging from on-street bicycle lanes to a Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Plan. Creating a safe and inviting pedestrian environment along Atlantic Avenue is key to the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of the city. The goal of the improvements is to create a safe and inviting pedestrian environment while also reinforcing a sense of community through Placemaking.

Arterial teamed with Marathon Engineering to analyze a three-block corridor of Atlantic Avenue that has seen investment from the local community and business owners. A series of recommendations were outlined to create an inviting, safe pedestrian environment while enhancing the local character of the place. A concept plan was developed that includes a number of improvements ranging from corner bumpouts and wooden platforms to new lighting, street furniture, sidewalks, public art, street trees and other elements. With this concept, the City moved forward to implementation and the end result was a unique streetscape palette that reflects the local culture and its proximity to the beach.

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