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Reassure | CPTED & Perimeter Security

Safety first

A space is only as enjoyable as it is comfortable.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) interventions and site security techniques instill a sense of pedestrian well-being and promote a thriving community.  When combined with good urban design practices, these interventions blend seamlessly into the landscape.

We assess public and private spaces and offer urban design solutions that minimize the opportunity for unwanted behavior.  We utilize CPTED and perimeter security techniques to guide our three step process:

  1. Assess the safety of a public space

  2. Identify issues and potential vulnerabilities

  3. Develop subtle urban design solutions that blend seamlessly into the landscape

What We Do To Reassure

 CPTED Assessment & Strategy
 Perimeter Security Assessment & Strategy
 Community Outreach & Engagement



Paterson Citywide CPTED Guidelines 


Littleton Avenue

Littleton Avenue CPTED Assessment and Strategy

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