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From Concept to Construction

Transforming regular streets into places with unique experiences. 

Each of our Streets That Do More™ integrate the right mix of Functionality, Arts & Culture, Health & the Environment, Economic Vitality, and Design Quality.

Here are some examples of projects we've taken from concept to construction implementing our technical knowledge - easily accessible through our Streets That Do More™ Tips!

Millburn Complete Streets Initiative

The redesign and construction of the downtown streets to support economic growth and improve connections to the train station, arts, schools and parks.  

South Park Street Complete Street Design

The transformation of this corridor into a flexible Complete Street. The roadway was improved to encourage pedestrians shopping on Downtown Montclair. 

Stuyvesant Avenue Streetscape Improvements

The redesign of the Township of Union's primary downtown corridor. The street provides elements that create a safer and more vibrant experience. 

Seymour Street Redevelopment - Wellmont Arts Plaza

The former street became the heart of the new arts district in Montclair. The space can host a variety of programmable uses as a new destination for cultural events.

Springfield Avenue Street Design and Improvements

The design and improvements aim to create an inviting and unique pedestrian space, transforming this corridor into a vibrant community hub.

Ventnor City
Streetscape Design

The design was tailored to reflect the culture of the city, which attracts multiple visitors every year because of its boardwalk, and to provide an inviting pedestrian environment.

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