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Streets That Do More 

than just move cars.

for your community.

for pedestrians and cyclists.

for the arts.

for your business.

for your downtown vibe.

to bring people together.

feel like they were made just for you.

Great news - our popular street design tips are now available for free download!

Over the years, our team has tracked and study many of the key concepts that help make great streets.  We have created and compiled a series of tips that have helped many cities and townships improve their streets. Now you can have access to them - all in one place!

Find the missing element to make your street a vibrant space

Our Streets That Do More™ Tips contain the technical knowledge that have transformed streets into places people gravitate towards. These tips will help spark ideas to transform your public spaces and take them to the next level!

Take the first step towards improving your streets

Get access to all the Streets That Do More™ Tips by filling out the form below. You can use these tips for presentations, township meetings, topic of conversation, and more (just make sure you give us shout out👍). We post frequent tips on social media and will be sure to email them to you!

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