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Redefining Street Design

Springfield Avenue, Union, NJ

It's about the Experience

We're a full-service, collaborative Street Design Studio comprised of designers, planners and creators. 

It's our mission to create pedestrian-centric spaces that encourage social interaction, connectivity and economic vitality. 


We've redefined what it means to be a Street Design Studio

We focus on the spaces between the buildings. While this does include literal street design, it also encompasses many other kinds of projects that focus on the pedestrian experience. This can be on actual spaces, like trails and plazas; or specific elements of a space, like wayfinding or amenities.

Our areas of expertise fall loosely into five categories:


But don't take our word for it

"[Arterial's] comprehensive approach, involving a multitude of stakeholders allowed for the unique combination of high quality professional services, coupled with a robust community engagement process. The result is a highly professional planning document that has benefitted from strong input from all sectors of our City."

— Rick Fernandez, PP/AICP, QPA, 
Passaic Business Administrator, City of Passaic, NJ


Work that takes the alternate route

We design places that change people's perspective. We reconnect people to culture, history and to one another. As people-watchers, cyclists, and complete streets advocates, our work is more than just work to us. We strive to create places that we would want to experience. 

Streets That Do More ™ Tips

Tips to take your downtown to the next level

Streets that Do More Tips - Arterial

Our popular Street Design tips loaded with technical knowledge - ready to be downloaded and used anywhere!

Millburn Main Ave Complete Streets


Millburn Complete Streets Initiative

Millburn: Complete Streets Initiative


7th & Jackson Resiliency Park

7th & Jackson Resiliency Park: Public Space Design

7th & Jackson Resiliency Park, 7Seventy House, Hoboken


We've worked with...

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